WordPress VS Custom Website

WordPress VS Custom Website
WordPress VS Custom Website

WordPress VS Custom Website: All You Need To Know To Find Your Perfect Match

According to TechCrunch, there will be 6.1 billion individuals with smartphones worldwide by 2025. So what should you do now? Should you go for a custom website for your business or develop a WordPress website? It takes some forethought and decision-making to launch a brand-new website. However, you’ll need to choose between developing a personalized website for your company and using a premade platform like WordPress.

On the other hand, WordPress is popular among businesses because it enables them to launch a fresh website with minimal outlay in terms of both time and money. Is this really the greatest option, though? In this blog, we’ll see in between a custom website vs wordpress’s battle which firm of the website is best fit for your business’s online growth.

What Is A WordPress Website?

WordPress is a name you’ve likely come across if you’ve done any sort of web-based investigation. It’s the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. Research indicates that approximately 30% of all websites are built using WordPress. Themes, layouts, and plugins are all readily available in these online communities. Website content and features can be easily updated and added.

What Is A Custom Website?

A custom website is built from the ground up using the appropriate programming languages. These sites are built by experts who are flexible enough to adapt to the specific needs of each client. Nothing is used, not even a template. Everything is created in a novel manner, with novel concepts, to meet the specific demands of the client. Some of the languages that may be used by the web design company to develop the website are PHP, ASP, Python, Laravel, JavaScript, or Ruby.

According to a survey by INC.com, a total of 75% of customers judge the credibility of a business by its web design. And you still think your business can turn hundreds into thousands without a website?

Which Kinds Of Websites Are Made From WordPress Websites?

WordPress was first created as a means of creating blog posts. However, it has evolved into a comprehensive website builder tool, suitable for creating everything from an online store to a portfolio.

Some types of websites that are easy to create with WordPress include:

• Blog

• Business Website

• Portfolio

• E-commerce Store

• Online Course

• Forum

• Social Network

• Membership Site

Which Kinds Of Websites Are Made From Custom Websites?

It’s not uncommon for businesses and individuals to commission unique designs for their websites. Some common types of websites built with custom web design are:

• Corporate Websites

• E-commerce Websites

• Portfolio Websites

• Professional Service Websites

• Nonprofit Websites

• Educational Websites

• Personal Blogs

WordPress Vs Custom Website: What Are The Pros And Cons Of WordPress Website?


Quick Launch

WordPress speeds up website creation. You may focus on the design and content because the CMS is fully established. WordPress has pre-made themes. Pick a theme from the collection to instantly modify your website’s design.

A Secure Platform

WordPress makes site building safe. It’s a vast community of developers who collaborate to find security loopholes and fix them. WordPress upgrades make your online presence more secure. WordPress SEO plug-ins help you rank higher in search engines. These plug-ins can add Meta Descriptions, H1 tags, or Meta Titles to any site. Certain WordPress plug-ins can even assess your site’s SEO.

Responsive Themes

WordPress themes make your site work on mobile devices, laptops, and PCs. These themes improve web browsing on any device. Since WordPress was initially a blogging platform. It features a built-in blogging capability that makes blogging easy.


Theme Customization

You can choose any theme from the collection, although customizing it may be challenging. This requires a WordPress-savvy web developer.

Website Vulnerability

The platform is still hackable despite frequent updates and security patches. While generating these updates, these hackers hack into the website and cause mayhem. WordPress needs constant upkeep. They release upgrades and fixes annually for fighting hackers and pirates, which may demand some expertise to install. Therefore, hiring a web developer if you can’t.

WordPress Vs Custom Website: What Are The Pros And Cons Of a Custom Website?



By creating a customized website, you can make it as distinctive as possible and include capabilities that WordPress cannot.


WordPress websites are less SEO-friendly than custom ones. It can outrank the WordPress CMS-built one in search engines. This is crucial for online businesses seeking leads and conversions.

Meeting Individual Brand Needs

Custom-designed websites reflect your company’s branding. This distinguishes your company.

Better Customer Support

Custom websites receive greater support than templates. Because it was designed by an experienced website designer that excels in various kinds of websites, the original developer can always fix any bugs or issues.



WordPress websites are cheaper than custom ones. They are personalized for your business and require professional skills. Customized website creation takes longer than WordPress. Site changes may take time. Developer availability will determine your schedule.

WordPress Vs Custom Website: The Comparison Factors

WordPress Vs Custom Website – Scalability

Since WordPress is open-source, anyone has the authority to add plugins to it. WordPress has many free plugins like Yoast SEO, Elementor, WooCommerce, PushEngage, and SearchWP, and who can forget Google Analytics? However, some may ask you to dig deep in your pockets. Though, freemium plugins predominate.

WordPress is more flexible than other website systems. But themes and templates limit you. Coding may be required for highly custom functions.

Conversely, custom-coded websites are completely flexible. Depending on your business, one can add any characteristic, design, or functionality.

Do you know? As per a survey by ImpactPlus, business losses around 60% of its users if the business website is poorly designed!

WordPress Vs Custom Website – Security And Functionality

WordPress plugins offer versatility, but their external coding may make the website less safe. Hackers sometimes steal data from WordPress sites. Though with the integration of SSL encryption and HTTPS help prevent your site from coming under the headline of CloudFlare cyberattack.

WordPress websites are fast, safe, and user-friendly. Whereas custom websites are coded for great UX, but WordPress can be improved easily.

Custom websites come with higher page loading speeds and have superior UX than websites built with WordPress.

WordPress Vs Custom Website – Cost

Do you know that most companies place a premium on minimizing expenses? Because costs for a WordPress site will vary according to factors such as the site’s size and whether or not the theme is free or premium. In comparison to hiring a web developer to create a unique website, these prices are still quite reasonable.

Though WordPress premium themes cost an average of $99 per year. While premium web hosting from a provider like Siteground costs roughly $300 per year. However, website builders such as Elementor costs $99.

If you’re able to take care of your website administration on your own, your yearly website costs could be under $1000.

WordPress Vs Custom Website – Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO And Why Does A Website Need SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Organic traffic plus SEO helps small to big businesses to gain brand visibility, lead creation, and conversions. It helps Google along with other search engines find your website.

Website optimization includes technical SEO, content SEO, plus off-page SEO.

On-page SEO—keyword research, content production, and optimization—is the same for WordPress or for custom websites.

However, custom websites optimize with adequate coding for technical SEO, including layout and website architecture, compared to WordPress. Though this may raise costs.

SEO methods boost SERP rankings for many WordPress sites. Therefore, your SEO approach will determine whether you use a custom or a WordPress website design.

WordPress Vs Custom Website – Continuity

Website creation is ongoing. So you need to add content and maintain SEO on your website periodically.

WordPress has a learning curve, but even non-techies can use it. Website maintenance is mostly self-service.

However, you still have to create, modify, and upload media to the media library. Though, your web developer must update your unique website often.

Pro Tip: A customizable WordPress theme is cheaper than a custom website designs.

Custom Website Vs WordPress Website?

Whether you choose a custom website versus a WordPress website depends on your specific business demands and objectives. If you’re short on time and resources but yet want a professional-looking website, WordPress is the way to go.

However, a custom website is the way to go if you want a site that is completely tailored to your needs, from the design to the features.

What is a Custom WordPress Website Design?

Professional web designers customize a WordPress theme or template to create a custom WordPress website that suits your brand and goals.

Custom WordPress web design gives you a distinctive branded website without the high developer fees of custom websites.

But you may think, why not code a custom website if you’re starting from scratch? Why is going for a custom WordPress website worth it?

The answer is cost.

If a developer uses WordPress’s basic content management system (CMS) and builds a custom theme, it’s easier than building the website’s platform.

Many small businesses select custom WordPress Website Design that budget from $1000 to $20,000.

Verdict – The Choice Is Yours

A website is a must-have for your business, so picking the best one and the best people to build it is the first step to making your business successful. Choose between a WordPress site or a custom site after you’ve thought about your brand’s goals and ideas.

After you decide on a website, hire a developer with experience who knows your business needs and works to help your business grow.

If you have made up your mind to go for a custom website then hiring a reliable designer from digital vista is the first step to building a high-conversion web design. If you need a truly unique design and set of functions for a custom job, then a custom website might be the way to go.


How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Or WordPress Website?

Custom WordPress websites take time and cost based on features. A simple WordPress website takes 3-4 weeks to build.

What Distinguishes Custom From WordPress Website?

WordPress websites start quickly and cheaply with changeable templates. Custom websites cost more than WordPress and require coding. Launching takes longer.

Custom Website Vs WordPress? What is the cost?

Professional WordPress website design may cost $3000-$5000. However, US custom websites cost $2,000–$10,000 whereas WordPress it’s mainly plugins varying from $500 to $5000.

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